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Inside the catalogue, From the Roman Studio,

with preface, Being in Time, by Jessica Fisher, published by Gurari Collections, Boston 2015.

Here are some more exhibition catalogues also available from Gurari Collections:
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Parthenon Frieze, 2011, with text by Alexander Purves, and sonnet by Karl Kirchwey, Gurari Collections, Boston

Femmine, 2003, with texts by Laura Riccioli and Tamara Bartolini, Gurari Collections, Boston

Aphrodite, 2000, with texts by Adele Chatfield-Taylor, Ricky Leacock and Valerie Lalonde, Gurari Collections, Boston

Roma Antica, 2002, Gurari Collections, Boston

Foro Italico, 2005, with text by Stephen Harby, Gurari Collections, Boston

Figures, 2001, with texts by Eric Fischl and April Gornik, Gurari Collections, Boston

Esprit de Corps, 2007, with text by Amy Fine Collins, Gurari Collections, Boston

These exhibition catalogues and more are available through Gurari Collections:
Please contact Russ Gerard at gerard@gurari.com for further information.

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Toys, 2005, with text by Robert Capia, Galerie du Passage, Paris

Dessins et Aquarelles, 1994-2001, with texts by Pierre-Jean Remy, Eric Fischl and April Gornik Galerie du Passage, Paris

The exhibition catalogue Toys is available through the Galerie du Passage, Paris:
Please contact Nathalie Bellanger at mail@galeriedupassage.com for further information.

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Rocks, Paper, Memory : Wendy Artin's Watercolor Paintings of Ancient Sculptures, with Dialogue between Christopher Ratte and Wendy Artin, published by the Kelsey Museum, 2015

The entire contents of this exhibition catalogue can be viewed on line, by clicking on the image,
and a traditional paper and ink copy is also available for purchase from the Kelsey Museum, by clicking here.

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Stone from Delphi is a traditional letter press book of poems with classical references by Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney, with sixteen watercolor drawings by Wendy Artin, and an introduction by Helen Vendler, printed and published by Arion Press, San Francisco, November 2012